Nov 21 2010

Championship Shirts

We only have one or two game left in the 2016 NBA Finals featuring the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors.  One will soon be crowned the 2016 NBA Champions.


Game 1 Cavaliers 89 Warriors 104 Warriors lead 1-0.
Game 2 Cavaliers 77 Warriors 110 Warriors lead 2-0.
Game 3 Cavaliers 120 Warriors 90 Warriors lead 2-1.
Game 4 Cavaliers 97 Warriors 108 Warriors lead 3-1.
Game 5 Cavaliers 112 Warriors 97 Warriors lead 3-2.
Game 6 Cavaliers 115 Warriors 101 Series tied 3-3.
Game 7 Cavaliers 93 Warriors 89 Cavs win NBA Finals!

At the conclusion of the 2016 NBA Finals, fans of the winning team will have an opportunity to purchase NBA Championship Shirts, which may feature graphics like the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy or the NBA Championship Ring.

Locker Room Shirt:  The special hats worn by the players after winning a championship are usually referred to as a locker room hat.  At the conclusion of the 2016 NBA Finals, there may be a Cavs NBA Finals Locker Room Hat or a Warriors NBA Final Locker Room Hat available.

Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy:  Generally, the winners of the NBA Finals receive NBA Championship Trophy Shirts featuring the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy.  Thus, there is a pretty good chance Cavs Championship Trophy Shirts or Warriors Championship Trophy Shirts will be available after the 2016 NBA Finals.

Roster:  NBA Championship Shirts featuring the roster with the players names is typically made available for the winning team.  So, there is a good chance either the Cleveland Cavaliers will be buying Cavs NBA Championship Roster Shirts in the near future, or Golden State fans will be buying Warriors NBA Championship Roster Shirts.

NBA Championship Ring:  Usually, NBA Championship Ring Shirts are made available after a team is crowned the NBA Champs.  If available after the 2016 NBA Finals, they will either be Cavs NBA Championship Ring Shirts or Warriors NBA Championship Ring Shirts.

Back-to-Back:  If the Warriors win, they will be back-to-back NBA Champs, as Golden State also won the title in 2015.  Therefore, with a victory, Golden State will be the back-to-back champions and there may be Warriors Back To Back Shirts.

5X Champions:  If the Golden State Warriors win, it would be franchise’s 5th title, having already won 4 titles (2015, 1975, 1956, 1947).  Therefore, with a victory, there may be Warriors 5X Champions Shirts celebrating the 5X NBA Champs.

Having never won the NBA Championship, the Cleveland Cavaliers are hoping to win their first title by winning the 2016 NBA Finals.  If the Cavs are victorious, fans of the Cavs will have a chance to own Cavs NBA Championship Shirts for the first time in team history.

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